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      1. 日期:2009-06-09 Scotland's had a close relationship with alcohol 酒/酒精 for hundreds of years. Scotch whisky 威士忌 generates vast export revenues 巨大的出口收入 and drink has long been a part of social occasions: dances, weddings and even funerals 葬礼. Offering... 阅读全文>>

        日期:2009-06-09 It's one of Britain's longest-running TV quiz shows, where the best and brightest 尖子/精英 from universities all over the country, compete to show off their knowledge on a myriad 多种多样的/综合 of topics. University Challenge first went to air 演... 阅读全文>>

        日期:2009-06-09 For many, it's a gentle hobby 嗜好 involving fresh air, patience, and perhaps finding the odd coin left from times gone by 过去的日子. Indeed, the report accepts the vast majority of metal detectorists 使用金属?#35762;?#22120;的人, as they are known, are resp... 阅读全文>>

        日期:2009-06-09 China's auto market 汽车市场 was the second largest in the world last year, behind the United States. The new data 数据 suggests though that in the first few weeks of this year a lot more cars were sold here than in America. The Chinese bought 735,0... 阅读全文>>

        日期:2009-06-09 The emperor penguin is the iconic 具?#20889;?#34920;性的 creature of the frozen south. Now for the first time scientists have studied in detail what the future holds 将来会是怎样 for the species 种类 in a warmer world. They used data from a colony 群体 that's... 阅读全文>>

        日期:2009-06-09 The story of the Titanic continues to grip 吸引 us. The Hollywood blockbuster 大片 starring Leonardo diCaprio and Kate Winslet brought the horror and romance of the tragedy to a new generation. But when the 'unsinkable' luxury liner 永不沉没的超级豪... 阅读全文>>

        日期:2009-06-09 Zhucheng in Shandong province is known locally as dinosaur 恐龙 city and has been the scene of several important finds since the 1960s. But researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences say a fossil field 化石场 discovered during mining explorati... 阅读全文>>

        日期:2009-06-09 In the past, the Australian courts 法庭 have granted permission for people to be served 送达 with legally binding papers 法律文件 via email or even text message but this is the first time they've allowed the use of the social networking site 社交网... 阅读全文>>

        日期:2009-06-09 Sony said that 8000 job cuts are necessary in order to save the company around a billion dollars 十亿美元 (大约 6.85 billion yuan) per year. Its already warned that its profits 利润 will be less than half of those a year ago despite 尽管 heavy promo... 阅读全文>>

        日期:2009-06-09 At one point the water in the central part of Venice was 1.56m above sea level 海平面. It hasn't been that high since 1986. Venice gets regular flooding 水灾 at this time of year but this was the fourth deepest on record. Dozens of homes and busines... 阅读全文>>

        日期:2009-06-09 Woolworths is one of the best known names on the British High Street. It's been in business nearly a century ?#20848;? Many of its 800 stores are likely to close following the company's decision to call in administrators 接管者 after an attempt to sell... 阅读全文>>

        日期:2009-06-09 Daewoo says it will grow corn and palm oil on huge tracts 广阔的地面 of Madagascan farmland that the company has leased 租借 for 99 years. This ambitious scheme 雄心勃勃的计划 will cover 1.2 million hectares 公顷 and is part of South Korea's plans t... 阅读全文>>

        日期:2009-06-09 White truffles 白松露 have been described by one famous chef as the diamond of the kitchen. They are almost as expensive as precious stones because they are extremely hard to find, growing underground 地下 beneath certain trees. Some of the rarest t... 阅读全文>>

        日期:2009-06-09 Bona fide 真正的/真实的, ad lib 即兴撰造, quid pro quo 补偿物/交换物... English is full of Latin words and phrases which are used as a kind of shorthand 速记. But some local councils say that Latin is elitist and discriminatory 具优越感和带有歧视的,... 阅读全文>>

        日期:2009-06-09 Gordon Brown has made it his mission 使命 to foster 扶植 Britishness. He's long argued that a greater sense of national identity 民族特征 would help fight Al Qaeda-inspired extremism 极端主义 and keep the different parts of the United Kingdom bonded... 阅读全文>>

        日期:2009-06-09 Life in the eastern states 东部一省 of West Bengal and Tripura has been badly disrupted (使)?#29616;?#28151;乱 after a strike call 罢工活动 by the Communist parties to protest against the hike in fuel prices ?#21152;图?#39640;涨. Schools and businesses are closed and... 阅读全文>>

        日期:2009-06-09 Almost every week it seems another British teenager ends up dead as a result of a knife attack 持刀攻击. While official figures 官方数据 suggest violent crime overall 总体暴力行?#36164;?#37327; is falling, more offences 犯罪 are being committed by youngsters,... 阅读全文>>

        日期:2009-06-09 The extraordinary images of a startled Amazon tribe 亚马逊部落, their bodies painted red and black, firing arrows at an aircraft circulated the world last week. The Brazilian government organised a flight packed with photographers to prove that such... 阅读全文>>

        日期:2009-06-09 Troublemakers 肇事者who don't want to risk arrest by carrying guns or knives are instead turning to dogs to settle their scores 算账, according to the RSPCA 英国?#20048;古?#24453;动物协会。 The number of calls it gets about dog fights has gone up 15 times in... 阅读全文>>

        日期:2009-06-09 Background: 联合国秘书长潘基文呼吁采取紧急行动来对付全球高昂食品价格问题,他在今年六月罗马高峰会议上呼吁采取措施来解决食品这一国际贸易问题。 A number of countries have responded to the high cost of food by imposing export restrictions 出口限制, or e... 阅读全文>>

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